Genetics Breakout/Weathering Turbulence in the Genetics Industry: Management of Expanded Carrier Screening Panels

Lauren Isley, MS, CGC

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Wednesday, March 20
2:45 PM – 3:30 PM
 Session Description
  • Despite conflicting guidance from professional societies, the use of expanded carrier screening in the reproductive medicine space has become widespread. Panel composition and reporting practices are largely variable between commercial laboratories. This session will address how recent changes in the genetic testing industry, including the closure of major laboratories, has affected clinical workflows and what lessons may be learned from this to inform best practices.

Session Objective
  1. Review current professional society guidelines and industry practices as they relate to carrier screening.

  2. Discuss the current commercial landscape of expanded carrier screening offerings and how recent events have shifted clinical practices and operations.

  3. Examine considerations and potential best practices around expanded carrier screening, including how/if these practices may translate to third-party reproduction.