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Navigating Transgender Medicine: Emotional Aspects of Medical and Reproductive Treatment Among Transgender Patients

Angela Lawson, PhD

Saturday, May 8
10:15 AM – 11:00 AM

 0.75 CME

Session Description:

ART practitioners are increasingly offering fertility treatment to patients who identify as transgender. Unfortunately research has shown that transgender patients may experience discriminatory treatment in fertility clinics as well as in other areas of their lives. Even in the absence of discriminatory behaviors, transgender patients must overcome unique hurdles (e.g., biological, social, and legal) in fertility and other medical treatments that require the awareness and attention of healthcare providers. Because of the multiple psychological, social, and ethical concerns regarding transgender patients who pursue fertility treatment, many practitioners lack the appropriate training and/or have concerns about facilitating such treatment. This presentation will address the psychosocial and ethical issues in treating transgender patients and will provide direction to providers for how to address these issues in their clinics.

Session Objectives:

  1. Identify ways to increase sensitivity to the psychological issues surrounding transgender individuals who present for medical treatment and treatment which would impair their fertility.
  2. Identify the unique treatment-related psychological issues that may arise in the course of medical and fertility preservation treatment with transgender individuals.
  3. Review clinic practices and determine what changes are needed to make the clinical environment safer and more supportive for transgender patients.

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