Management of Fibroids: Implantation and Pregnancy Outcomes

Shannon Laughlin-Tommaso, MD

Thursday, March 24
1:45 PM – 2:30 PM

 0.75 CME

Session Description:

Fibroids are the most common tumors of the reproductive tract with a cumulative incidence of 70-80% by menopause. The impact of fibroids on pregnancy and implantation is controversial. A prospective study found that 11% of pregnant women had fibroids and determined that fibroids had less of an impact on miscarriage than previously reported. However, implantation may be affected by submucosal fibroids. Even more controversial is whether fibroids needs to be treated to improve implantation or pregnancy outcomes. This session will review the current evidence for fibroids and pregnancy and discuss treatments that are safe for future fertility

Session Objectives:

  1. Describe the increased risks for pregnancy or implantation for women with fibroids

  2. Outline treatment plans for fibroids based on type and location prior to pregnancy

  3. Identify the fibroid treatment options that are safe before pregnancy