ART for Transgender and Gender Diverse Patients

Molly Moravek, MD, MPH, MSCI

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Saturday, March 23
11:30 AM – 12:15 PM

 0.75 CME

 Session Description
  • Fertility clinics are seeing increasing numbers of transgender and gender diverse patients who want to utilize ART for fertility preservation or current fertility, yet very few of us were trained in the special medical needs of this population. This session will outline what is and isn't known about the effects of gender-affirming treatments on reproductive capacity and discuss special considerations in counseling patients who have starting gender-affirming hormones. We will also discuss protocol tweaks to reduce dysphoria during ovarian stimulation and ways to the clinic space more inclusive and welcoming.

Session Objective
  1. Discuss the current state of knowledge on the effect of gender-affirming hormones on current and future reproductive capacity.

  2. Develop ART plans for transgender and gender diverse patients to minimize dysphoria during treatment.

  3. Identify ways in which the clinical space can be more inclusive and welcoming to gender diverse patients.