Conversations on Conservation: Creating Conversations To Maximize the Use of Genetics and Assisted Reproduction Technology in Applied Conservation Management

Darren Griffin, BSc, PhD, DSc, FRCPath, FRSA, FRSB

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Saturday, March 23
8:00 AM – 8:45 AM


 Session Description
  • The talk will describe the creation of a 12-minute film and space (digital information hub) that Promotes and encourages dialogue in the use of genomics and IVF in conservation Promotes exchange of knowledge in the use of genomics and IVF in conservationStimulates new partnerships between Conservation managers Research scientists Policy Makers Where conversations are bidirectional.

Session Objective
  • At the end of the film Conservation managers will have learned how/when they can use genetics and genomics to improve and enhance applied conservation projects Scientists will understand how they can connect better with applied programmes to maximize the impact of cutting-edge research Policy makers will have a clearer message of why they need to engage more.

  • Short Term Objectives:

                   - Contribute to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
                   - Offer my lab enhanced access to the field
                   - Attract seed funding, research and enterprise opportunities.

                   - Stimulate global knowledge exchange, conversations and partnerships with   genetic scientists and conservation managers

                   - Understand more fully the international academic, applied and policy   landscape.

  • Medium Term Objectives: Build wide network of conservation managers and scientists using film and online information hub to fuller understanding of the field through information gathering, narrative analysis and partnership building Initiate conversations around policy development at a local, national and global level.

  • Long Term Objectives: Develop large collaborative research grant/project working with partners in applied settingsGain a demonstrably wider understanding, use and practice of genetic/genomic conservation methodsContribute to clear and well-articulated goals for conservation policy and practice