Role of Race in IVF

Iffath Hoskins, Physician

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Friday, March 22
10:45 AM – 11:30 AM

 0.75 CME

 Session Description
  • Infertility creates an emotional and financial burden which can adversely affect quality of life. Although IVF treatments are highly successful in producing live births, they require a significant investment of time, energy, finances, and life style changes.  These factors along with many unidentified associations, result in underutilization of this intervention in persons of colour. Although economic barriers have been suggested as an explanation for the racial disparities in IVF utilization, even after correcting for factors such as finances, education, housing, and life style, marked improvements in outcomes are still lacking. The obstacles along the pathways to parenthood for persons of colour manifest as lower access to IVF treatments, lower pregnancy rates, and lower live birth rates. Thus, there is a pressing need to understand and manage these obstacles in an effort to optimize equitable and inclusive care for all persons seeking IVF treatments.

Session Objective
  1. Demonstrate knowledge of the impact of race on infertility treatments.
  2. Manage and mitigate the burdens of race to ensure successful IVF outcomes.
  3. Integrate evidence-based guidelines into clinical practice to ensure equitable and inclusive care for all who seek IVF treatments