RN/APP Session: Early Pregnancy Management

Tamara Tobias, NP

Saturday, March 25
10:00 AM–12:30 PM

 0.75 CME

 Session Description
  • Ultrasound is relied upon heavily in reproductive medicine to make clinical diagnoses, manage a patient's care, formulate treatment plans and provide appropriate education and counseling.  It is imperative that Advanced Practice Providers and nurses are knowledgeable regarding ultrasound technique and interpretation, so that they can communicate effectively with patients and/or properly perform ultrasounds. This session will address early obstetric ultrasound, including sonographic landmarks in the first trimester, subchorionic hematomas, multiple gestations, elements of pregnancy failure, and ectopic pregnancy.

Session Objective
  • Identify and describe normal embryonic development and sonographic landmarks in early pregnancy
  • Distinguish the difference between types of multiple pregnancies
  • Recognize abnormal finds in early pregnancy
  • Examine features consistent with an ectopic pregnancy