Ranking System for Mosaic Embryos 

Dr. Manuel Viotti

Saturday, March 25
8:00 AM–8:45 AM

 0.75 CME

 Session Description
  • Embryos classified as mosaic by PGT-A have traditionally been grouped with aneuploid embryos in an 'abnormal' group and discarded. In recent years, it has become evident that mosaic embryos have a different viability and clinical outcome potential compared to euploid and aneuploid embryos. In this session, we will review the existing data regarding the transfer of mosaic embryos and will discuss their clinical management. 

Session Objective
  • Describe what embryonic chromosomal mosaicism is
  • Evaluate the existing data on the transfer of mosaic embryos
  • Appraise the real-life, clinical risk-benefit of mosaic embryo transfers