Corporate IVF-A Shift in the Industry 

Dr. Barry Behr

Friday, March 24
1:00 PM–1:45 PM


 Session Description
  • This lecture will cover the topic of the shifts in the IVF industry by “corporate IVF”. With all the mergers and acquisitions in the IVF space in the past 5 yrs in both IVF practices and our commercial suppliers, the practice of IVF has taken a change in path. With IVF becoming a commodity there are both positives and negatives. This lecture will explore many of these with a glimpse into the future.

Session Objective
  • Participants will have knowledge about the impact of Corporate IVF on the IVF practices
  • Participants will be able to demonstrate the ability to adjust to the changes in leadership
  • Participants will be able to establish and integrate best practices from the corporation