Fertility Related Genti-Pelvic Penetration Disorders: Clinical Pearls of Pelvic Floor Exam and Physical Therapy Treatments  

Kathe Wallace, PT

Thursday, March 23
1:45 PM–2:30 PM

 0.75 CME

 Session Description
  • This lecture is for all healthcare providers who encounter patients with penetration disorders. There will be a review of up-to-date classifications of penetration disorders and patient sensitive terminology. Instructions regarding how and when to introduce pelvic floor muscle education, dilators (spacers), sex therapy, mindfulness/CBT, pelvic floor physical therapy, and resources will be discussed.
    To help you approach your patients with poor tolerance to or challenges with pelvic exams, a discussion and video view of vulvar and pelvic floor muscle function and external examination will be included. This will incorporate clinically applicable education about pelvic floor muscle actions and clinical instruction for specific pelvic floor release and breathing strategies. This lecture will enhance your counseling skills and help your patients learn what strategies are available to assist them with achieving their penetration goals. You will leave this lecture with new knowledge to help your patients who present with vaginismus or poor tolerance to pelvic examinations and intervention resources.

Session Objective
  • Classify categories of penetrative disorders and develop appropriate treatment plans/referrals based on patient presentation.
  • Identify three signs or symptoms of a patient’s inability to actively release the pelvic floor muscles.
  • Describe the pelvic floor muscle functions, anatomy and exercises to patients.
  • Identify three strategies to facilitate pelvic floor muscle relaxation during a pelvic exam/dilator trial.
  • List multiple resources and referral sites for penetration disorders