Male Factor and Treatment 101: Diagnosis and Treatment

Dr. Paul Turek

Wednesday, March 22
4:15 PM – 5:00 PM


 Session Description
  • Male infertility has long been thought of as an unfortunate and largely untreatable medical condition. Over the last quarter century, however, it has become clear that male infertility is intimately tied to genetics, anatomy, physiology, overall health, and lifestyle choices. In fact, male reproductive potential has become one of the best-known biomarkers for men’s overall health. This lecture will review the essential embryology, anatomy and physiology of male infertility and summarize the current diagnostic and treatment algorithms recommended for evaluation and management. The lecture content is derived from current society guidelines and urology board review material.  

Session Objective
  • Delineate 4 elements of the basic male factor evaluation
  • Identify the most common semen analysis abnormalities with infertility
  • Discuss 3 lifestyle issues that are known to impact male fertility
  • Explain how SERM therapy and varicocele repair impacts male fertility