What Does SART Do for You

Dr. Paul Lin

Wednesday, March 22
3:30 PM – 4:15 PM

 Session Description
  • This presentation is designed for those with limited knowledge of SART and is useful to all members of ASRM. Many professionals who work in reproductive medicine know that SART exists and collects data on each IVF cycle performed by its member clinics to the CDC in compliance with federal law, but SART plays a much bigger role in the field. Dr. Lin, past president of SART and board member of PCRS, will take a look at the many ways SART seeks to improve the field and the delivery of service to patients"

Session Objective
  • Outline the SART clinic summary report and assist patients to understand their prognosis based on the data
  • Describe the many SART tools to assist members in caring for their patients such as the Patient Predictor tool, the once page CSR, the clinic search function
  • Explain how to efficiently enter ART information and outcome reporting using the SARTCORS platform
  • Utilize the available SART resources that can assist your practice in being the best it can be; i.e. Advertising guidelines, Quality Assurance guidelines, Quality Assurance Dashboard, and SART quality branding