Cultivating an Effective Gestational Carrier Practice

Chandra Shenoy, MD

Saturday, March 26
8:45 AM – 9:30 AM

 0.75 CME

Session Description:

This session will cover how to maintain a gestational carrier practice from the perspective of a reproductive endocrinologist. We will explain how an REI practice provides comprehensive care for the intended parents and gestational carriers. We will touch on the many aspects including deciding when to provide care, creating embryos, partnering with gestational carrier agencies, following FDA guidelines, and partnering with reproductive psychology.  

Session Objectives:

  1. Define ASRM guidelines for appropriate use of a gestational carrier

  2. Discuss how to appraise how to partner with a multidisciplinary team to effectively care for high risk intended parents undergoing retrievals.

  3. Describe how to integrate standards of care to develop healthy and efficient pathways for gestational carriers.