PCRS Volunteer Page

Why Does PCRS Need Volunteers?

There are strong reasons PCRS incorporates volunteers into the management of the Society.

  • Volunteers help build organizational strength. That strength comes not only from growing and retaining members and enhancing PCRS programs, but also in the sense of ownership that volunteers gain when they become visible advocates for the Society.
  • You, as member volunteers, have credibility that paid staff or consultants never have.
  • You can discuss peer-to-peer, and you can promote PCRS because you believe in it. Volunteering is a personal choice, not your job. Never underestimate the power of peer-to-peer communication.
  • Volunteers extend the resources of PCRS. Volunteers provide extra hands that enable PCRS to do tasks and activities that might not otherwise get done.
  • Volunteers provide valuable input to PCRS leadership and staff.

What do You Get in Return?

  • You will enhance your career and gain prestige by building collegial and casual relationships with leaders in the field of REI and Infertility.
  • You can express your values in activities that are meaningful.
  • You can be involved in designing educational opportunities with direct impact on your career and your patients’ lives.
  • You will increase your knowledge and learn new skills through volunteer experiences that take you into uncharted territories of both professional and personal development.
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